Green Sofa Productions

Photo Shoot Prep


Photo Shoot Prep 

It takes teamwork to ensure the best photography results!

Site Preparations - What We Need From You

Cleaning and Organization:

This is IMPORTANT because what takes 3 minutes to clean could take 30 minutes and extra cost to edit in post (if possible at all).

  • Test interior and exterior light bulbs and replace if needed

  • Ensure furniture and accessories are in original place

    • Interior Rooms (commons and models):

      • Floors swept

      • Counters, surfaces, mirrors, and windows wiped

      • De-cluttered and personal items hidden

      • Wires and trash bins tucked neatly away

      • Screens off or remotes available to turn off as needed

      • Dining areas minimally set or completely cleared, table cloths steamed or removed

    • Exteriors:

      • Machinery, dumpsters, and construction related items are moved/removed

      • Landscaping in front and in courtyards is clean of debris and leaves (may need help blowing leaves during some shots)

      • Patios are straightened, wiped down, and cleared of debris

      • Visible exterior blinds are opened or closed to match consistently

      • Exterior and interior lighting controls are identified so they can be modified according to the needs of each shot

    • If available, please set aside a cart for transporting accessories

Staff/Security, Access, and Conditions:

  • We may be onsite long before and after sunrise, so please designate a staff/security person to be on site during the shoot to help with secured access and lighting

  • Designate an office or vacant unit for storing/locking equipment

  • Give us advance notice if there is there is specific timing to work around in areas so we can do our best to minimize our impact during those times (such as special events or high traffic/usage times)

  • Give us advance notice if there is any construction on site within one week of the shoot; it may impact our ability to capture all of the images planned

  • We can’t control the weather, but we will do our best to work around any inclement weather issues and will address on a case-by-case basis

Optional Props and Accessories to Consider Providing:

  • Towels for fitness, pool, and spa/salon areas

  • Yoga mat for fitness areas (if applicable)

  • Floral arrangements

  • Other community-branded merchandise like water bottles, glassware, etc.

  • Senior living specific suggestions:

    • Tissue paper and popcorn for popcorn machines and theaters

    • Chalkboard art

    • Oversized art supplies

    • Bowls of colorful fruit (lemons, apples, oranges, etc.)

    • Dining table settings arranged or removed

Shoot Preparations - What We Do

  • Prepare as much information as possible in advance to ensure all parties know what to expect

    • Determine the best photographer to meet the goals of the shoot

    • Compile a shot list including floor maps marked with areas and angles to shoot

    • Compile area maps, installation photos, and other available photos for reference during the shoot

  • Provide a set designer who will stage areas of the shoot to ensure what the camera lens sees is as close as possible to what the human eye sees (and return rooms to how they were found or better!)

  • Review all photos to ensure color accuracy

  • Review and edit photos as needed to remove “blemishes” from a designer perspective that the photographer may not have caught

  • Manage all transportation and final billing